From the Writings of Danica Vance on JJ (2007):

The Lion and the Mouse
I have known her all my life

Yet, She has known me longer

We have fought over curfews,

We have laughed at movies

She has been my shoulder to lean on,

so many times.

New-York, my game, Washington

All in one day

Because she refuses to miss me play

She has provided me with the finest;

Love, care and support

I am grateful for her.

And I admire her.

But oh, I am scared.

She wants me to succeed

She encourages me to find my passion

And I want this too,

But damn! Look.

Just look, at her:

She is the lion in the jungle,

She towers above the trees

Her success is undeniable.

Google her name, and over 1300 hits

You will receive.

Her reign is undisputable

Newsweek's 100 people to watch

She is indeed.

The glow that surrounds her is everlasting

She touches coal, it turns to gold

Or maybe silver if you prefer

Coal I touch

It doesn't turn

It stays old,

It stays dull

I struggle I fail

Just a mouse, lost in the boundless jungle maze

Life doesn't get easier!

Success never gets closer

Instead, life challenges become harder,

Job? Med School? Money?

And my courage, grows weaker

But yet, she holds her ground

Her stance fiercer then ever

And she doesn't give up

She never gives up

especially, not on me