JJ's Writings
The Nike Cup 9-22-98

It was the greatest game of my athletic career and it lasted only forty minutes. We played the Raleigh Green Caps, the state champions in soccer and probably the best team in the Southeast. The Green Caps thought that they outmatched our team at every position. I was determined to show them that this was not true about mine. I played goalie like never before. I met all their challenges. I proudly showed the Green Caps that I could play with them. Although we lost zero to one on a fluke goal, I did not care. I had won the respect and admiration of my peers.

Free Verse


Goes the ball

Shot as a wish

To win it all

  Through the rim it goes

Zero, zero on the clock

Another win it shows

And the gym rocks

    For their team has won it all

In it's first season

It stands tall

As a deacon

Of basketball

They are the East Chapel Hill Wildcats

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