JJ's Writings
One Frantic Morning

The car shimmied down the freeway at a stellar 60-mph. It was late January as my mother and I prepared to leave North Carolina. We were heading for a distant land known as Japan. My mind was like the chorus of a bad song repeating over and over again "What will it be like?" "Will I like it?" With our bags checked and ready to be loaded on the plane, my mom and I sat down in our seats aboard the plane. After half-an-hour of waiting on the plane, we hear "sorry folks but this flight has been canceled due to engine problems. If you can please exit the plane we will try to reschedule you on another flight." "I'm sorry but you will have to wait till tomorrow to get to Japan. There are no flights leaving from the West Coast on Delta that we can get you to on time," responded the flight clerk. "What about another airline?" questioned my mother. The clerk's eyes scrolled down the screen of the computer finally coming to a stop. "There is only one flight that you would be able to make and its leaving from Detroit, Michigan on Northwestern, " the now semi-frustrated clerk spat out. After thanking the clerk, we slid down the large room to an open desk and a sweet elderly woman. To myself I kept thinking, "This would be an awful trip except for the fact that Delta promised us that we can fly first class without paying the extra thousands it would cost." My mother swiftly booked us on the next flight to Detroit. We had to hurry, for the plane was leaving in fifteen minutes, on the other side of the terminal! We rifled through the terminal, dodging obstacles like Barry Sanders against a high school football team. Finally we made the gate with only a few minutes to spare. Luckily for us, this flight left on time and we made it to Japan safely and on time. When we touched down in Tokyo it was about 7 p.m. Hot, tired, and irritated, my mother and I stepped on a train heading towards Kyoto. It was then safe to say that this crazy experience was over.


Courage is the color Green

It Sounds like a war cry in the heat of battle,

It Smells like the woods at night,

It Tastes like fresh air when you're out of breath,

It Looks like the eyes of a fearless fighter,

Courage Feels like a soundless blanket.

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