From a Teacher
Dear Margaret, Jeffery and Danica,
I can't even begin to imagine the depth of your grief over the loss of your son and brother, JJ I extend to you all my deepest sympathy and my prayers for your healing. JJ was a wonderful young man who touched my heart in ways that not many of my students do. He was always wonderfully good natured and kind to the other students in the class. I could always count on JJ to be a co-operative lab partner to students who are hard to work with. He always came into class with irrepressible joy. I looked forward to his smile and his friendly "hi." He will occupy a very special place in my heart for the rest of my life. You must be wonderful parents to have produced and raised a son who enjoyed so much being a bright, athletic, loving young man.
I pray that time will bring some healing to you all and that you will be comforted by the memories of your wonderful son and brother who so greatly enjoyed his life and brought so much pleasure and love to other people. -December 13, 1998
From a Friend
To JJ's family,
I want you to know that I will miss JJ Both of the classes he was in with me were my favorites. He was always smiling and upbeat. Whenever I was down he tried to make me feel better. He was always a positive and would help out in any way he could. I came to this school as a new student to Chapel Hill. JJ was one of the first people to come and talk to me. He made me feel welcome and wanted. He was one of my first friends. Now when I see someone new or someone in need of a friend, I'll think of JJ and how he helped me. I'll try to be as nice and kind and respectful to them as J.J was to me. He will be in my prayers and I will never forget him. It meant a lot to me that he talked to me when he saw me all alone on my first day. I will miss him and his positive outlook.
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